Why CenturionSolar

CenturionSolar provides the following when it comes to Commercial Installations:

Solar Installation on Pitch Roofs

  • Composite shingle
  • Metal
  • Slate
  • Steep
  • Flashings and Rails installed

Solar Installation on Flat Roofs

  • Ballasted racking
  • Anchor penetration racking
  • Penetration racking

Ground Mount Solar Installations

  • Racking assembly
  • Module mounting
  • Ground work

Complete AC and DC Electrical Installations

  • We provide Balance of System (BOS)
  • We install String Inverters, Optimizers and Micro-inverters
  • We install CT’s and remote monitoring units
  • Electric panel upgrades

Our services include:

  • Solar system commissioning, all required photos, string layout map, “as built” layout and “as built” line diagram
  • All Rigging and Hoisting of equipment
  • Based on individual projects we provide; Fall protection fencing, Storage containers, Portable toilets, Dumpster and accept deliveries on behalf of the Customer
  • Constant communication with Customer’s project manager
  • Online User-friendly installation scheduling




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