• How can I get CenturionSolar to be our Installation Subcontractor?
    Please send us an email to info@centurionsolar.com to coordinate a phone conversation.


  • Where do you currently provide your solar installation services?
    We currently provide our services in NY, NJ, CT and Mexico City.  We are currently expanding to other states across the Country.


  • To whom do you offer your solar installation services?
    We offer our solar installation services ONLY to reputable solar companies.  Companies that strive for homeowner/business owner complete satisfaction and that have a proven on-time payment record.


  • What type of roofs do you install on?
    We install on pitched roofs, flat roofs, composite shingle roofs, slate roofs and metal roofs.  We also do flatroof ballasted systems and flatroof penetration systems.


  • What installation material does CenturionSolar provide?
    We provide wire, conduit, breakers, disconnects, junction boxes, fuses and fittings. (All BOS material with the exception of flashing).


  • What is your average installation rate per day?
    Our installation rate per day is of 8kW for residential and around 11kW for commercial flat roof, per installation crew.


  • Do you conduct site surveys?
    Yes, at an additional fee.


  • Do you sell, design and engineer solar systems?
    No, we only specialize in the installation and commissioning of solar systems.


  • For how many years do you warranty your work?
    10 years.


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